Husband Wishes Wife, Mom Happy Mother’s Day Verbally, Not through Facebook

Chester, NJ (May 13, 2017) – Yesterday morning upon the awakening of his bride of twenty-one years and mother of his two children, local gym owner, Mike Prescott, grabbed his wife, Lynn’s hand and gently wished her a heartfelt “Happy Mother’s Day” and proceeded to let her know that although he and the boys do not say it enough, she is a wonderful mother who they sincerely love and respect.   He then waited several minutes to call his own mother to echo similar sentiments. 

Despite the fact that Prescott has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and briefly flirted with a Snap Chat account that ultimately proved too difficult to understand, he decided to go against his gut this year to wish her a great day while in touching distance of one another in their king-sized bed.  Additionally, Prescott struggled with not posting a message to his wife on social media since a verbal salutation does not have the same audit trail or longevity as a picture and proclamation of his love for her on various social media platforms. 

“I hope Lynn is happy with the card, flowers, and day spa gift certificate we got her,” lamented the unsure husband.  “But I really hate the idea of her friends and people she may or may not have known in high school thinking she’s not a fantastic mother since I didn’t post anything.”  

Despite decorating the master bedroom with white walls and drab tan bedding with no headboard, Mike Prescott whispers to his wife, Lynn, that she is the best mother on earth.

Prescott seemed to already be regretting his decision when his twin twelve-year-olds, Jordan and Gordon, teased him about “rolling old-school” by not posting anything for the world, and namely, his twenty-seven Twitter and Instagram followers to see.  They then mocked their dad reminding him of last year’s posting debacle where he featured a collage of pictures along with an original poem yet forgot to tag his wife on all three social platforms so none of her friends were able to see what a fabulous mother she is to her adoring children. 

Lynn’s birthday is coming up in mid-June and Prescott is already stressing over how to wish her a happy birthday.  “Last year I posted this huge essay professing my love to my one and only but never wished her a ‘Happy Birthday’ in person.  She liked the post, but I think she would have liked me to acknowledge the occasion since we spent the entire day together.  I’d like to do both, but I really don’t want to come off as desperate.”

In addition to birthday and anniversary postings, Prescott has used social media to congratulate his wife on earning her PhD, thanking her for a delicious Thanksgiving meal in 2017, and asking her to make dinner around 7:30 since he has a men’s league softball game starting at 8:30 two towns away. 

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