Recent Pre-School Grad More Celebrated than Harvard Law Valedictorian

Springfield (June 21, 2016) – Graduation ceremonies, school parties, family fiestas, and gifts too many to count.  This has been the life of recent kindergarten graduate Hunter Mancini, 6, of Springfield Learn, Understand, and Thrive (SLUT) pre-school.  Hailed for his incredible dedication to his education, Hunter and his classmates have been enjoying some much needed time off from their grueling three-days-a-week, four-hours-a-day schedule.

After an emotional ceremony at the pre-school with parents, grandparents and siblings in attendance, the school hosted a pizza party in the playground area for all the graduates.  In addition to dozens of snacks, juice boxes, and non-alcoholic beverages, an ice cream truck was hired to serve the now stress-free six year-olds, finally relieved of their burdensome educational experience of painting, drawing, and block building.  As many parents can attest, seeing their children relaxed and happy is of the utmost importance, especially with full-day kindergarten looming in two and half short months.

Following a quick three hour nap, the Mancini family continued partying at the Goldsmiths home a few blocks away.  The children were entertained by Dill Doe the Krazy Klown as well as unicorn rides in the backyard.  By the time the clock struck 8 pm, most of the kids were asleep in anticipation for another few days of non-stop partying including a parade down Main Street for the highly accomplished graduates.


A recent pre-school graduate enjoys a fun ride aboard a genuine unicorn.

A recent pre-school graduate enjoys a fun ride aboard a genuine unicorn.

“I don’t know how Hunter is going to last for the rest of the week at this pace.  I’m already allowing him to drink those fruit pouches for extra sugar but eventually he’ll crash and my husband and I will pay the price,” a clearly worried Lori Mancini lamented. “Tomorrow is the parade then celebration at the amusement park, then we party at the beach, then my husband’s family is coming in from Milwaukee to celebrate.  I figure we’ll be done honoring Hunter’s achievements in mid- to late-July.”

SLUT alum John Hawkins ’98 who recently graduated from Harvard Law School as Valedictorian of his class is one of several very successful graduates.  “I remember very little about the graduation or celebrations following pre-school but for finishing as top student in law school, I got a dinner at McDermott’s Crab Shack and an invoice for my $145,000 student loan.”

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