Rodan and Mrs. Fields Team Up to Create Cookies ‘n Cream Face Scrub

New York, NY (February 7, 2017) – Dr. Katie Rodan, one half of the duo who introduced  the world to the revolutionary acne treatment, Proactiv, and Debbi Fields, founder of Mrs. Fields Famous Cookies have announced a joint venture combining their talents to create a game-changing Cookies ‘n Cream face scrub which promises to be a world-wide success.  Based on the initial quarter of sales of the scrub, Rodan & Mrs. Fields anticipate rolling out dozens of similar cookie-based creams and solutions.

( The new skin care cream is currently being tested.

The new skin care cream is currently being tested.

The two trailblazing entrepreneurs’ first product was designed in a little less than a week in a secret laboratory in Palo Alto, California.  By combining a micro-derm skin cleanser with chunks of chocolate chip cookies, the women have created a non-toxic cream which not only clogs the skin’s pores with buttery fats from the cookies, but opens the pores back up with its award-winning cream.  The net effect is essentially zero but the taste from the cookies embeds itself deep into the skin for a satisfying, calorie-heavy snack for up to eight hours.

Beta tester Kim McMahon of San Diego thinks the new product will be a huge hit in the competitive skin-care market.  “I’ve been using Proactiv since I got my period when I was 13…was that too much information?  Sorry.   I’ve been looking for a skin cream that closes and re-opens my pores and tastes great.  I carry it in my purse in case my skin dries out or I’m looking for a quick snack.  Either way, it’s a life-saver.”

Some testers reported side effects including weight gain, high blood pressure, nausea, sugar crashing, and intense thirst for milk.

oatmeal raisin

The oatmeal raisin cookie infused cream is sure to be a huge hit.


The company announced that several new offerings are slated for release toward the holiday season.  These include an Oatmeal Raisin infused exfoliator as well as an Oreo-flavored cold cream/ice cream.  Both products are currently in development.

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